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About Us

Boredom leads to creative things!

Don’t believe us? Here’s a story of two bored designers.
One fine afternoon, while sipping chai and supping sutta, the self- proclaimed dynamic duo came up with a boring idea, an idea that changed their lives. They decided to share their boredom with the world, and to do that, they created a brand. And because boredome was their weapon, they looked around no further than themselves and came up with the name - ‘Chai-Sutta’ – a name which no human could think about in a million years. It started as a joke but soon it became a platform where they could showcase our boring creativity to the world!

From Tees full of slapstick sarcasm, to knockabout jokes painted on mugs, our merchandise has it all. We blend the trends with our boredom and bring you all of the latest cool stuff on our merchandise. The world around us is trendy and being trendy isn't expensive, being trendy is being smart. So be smart and use what you love with Chai-Sutta!